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Neural Speaks v2

Neural Speaks v2

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Experience sound like never before with "Neural Speaks v2" - the ultimate personalized Bluetooth speaker! Equipped with Bluetooth version 4.2, a 33ft connection range, and a powerful 3W output, this Aluminum-bodied speaker delivers premium sound quality wherever you go. Compatible with any Android/ iOS phone (including iPhone X), you can listen to your favorite tunes at max volumes for over 2 hours. And with the top part of the speaker doubling as a smart wireless charging pad, you can easily charge your devices on the go. "Neural Speaks v2" also comes with a 2 in 1 USB charging cable and 3.5mm Aux cable, making it easy to connect to any device. With its sleek design and premium features, "Neural Speaks v2" is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to elevate their listening experience. So why wait? Get your hands on "Neural Speaks v2" and immerse yourself in crystal clear sound!




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